We get so giddy when we talk about cannabis being used to help cancer patients. We shout from the rooftops about how much better people feel after their cancer treatments when they smoke a little weed or take a little CBD. They are eating better. And sleeping better. And they aren’t in as much pain.

Basically, we love talking about what cannabis can do. And when it is in print we like it even more. It validates what we’ve been fighting for all this time: to help those in need get the medicine they need.

There are so many positive stories and research projects coming out heralding CBD as the cancer wonder drug. It must be a relief for so many to be able to legally take it for their cancer.

The more we learn, the more people can be helped.

Well here is an interesting piece on how cannabis helps people with cancer. Not just what cannabis does, but how it does it.

Here is a quote from Dr. Jordan Tishler  who runs InhaleMD, a Boston-based practice with a cannabis specialty, from an article in Marijuana: “When we talk about cancer, there are so many features of the illness that can be treated with cannabis, it’s really remarkable. The anti-nausea medications we had weren’t very effective. What’s more, they often caused drowsiness and a weird feeling in your body. In rare but really bad cases, they could even cause an unpleasant loss of unconsciousness and temporary paralysis.”

Read all about it Here


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