Giggly and sociable it’s easy to get you in the good mode after smoking on Gelato, get ready to be creative and cerebral after smoking this flavor. Definitely one of our favorites!

The Mesmerizing Blueberry Haze of this Indica-Sativa Hybrid will send you sailing into Deep Indigo Waters. Gentle and Balanced, there’s no truer hue for those who Dream in Technicolor.

Sweetly balanced and full-bodied, this hybrid sativa strain is equally popular among the sexes. Known for curving anxiety and uplifting your mood, it will leave you saying… today was a good day.

Like Sweet, Zesty, Tart and Lively Caribbean Candy, this hybrid sativa strain is like Cerebral Vitamin C, giving you an energetic, free-flowing boost that awakens The Spirit.

This Pleasant, Pine-Flavored collaboration between Skywalker and OG Kush is a Potent Force unto itself, Providing a Deep, Earthy, Herbal Haze that promises Galactic Relaxation.

Pungent and powerful like the beast in all of us, the potency of pine, chocolate and coffee enamor your taste buds and make you feel king like kong.

Hailing from The Netherlands this Indican-resin Hybrid, known for its Frosted Buds and Citrus Fragrance, Heals, and Enlightens with Energetic Euphoria.

Enjoy the full-body feeling of happiness this hybrid herb provides. The soft approach of this sweet-and-spicy strain enhances mood and the creative state of mind… the dream is real.

Come taste the flavor of summer and feel the deep effects of this fruit-forward indican-bliss. Refreshing as it is relaxing, watermelon’s kiss is sweet, tantalizing and taboo.

Aligning the mental, physical and spiritual, this mellowing strain is for those who seek a divine experience, both meditative and medicinal, for a feeling like heaven on earth.

With tropical mango, apple and other tantalizing island flavors, this Hawaiian hybrid slowly climaxes as it moves you toward an energetic and enlightened experience.

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