We at CRAFTED GLOBAL are believers in underdogs, in alternatives, in long shots, and in healing through Hemp.

But Cancer fights dirty. We all know this. Hope comes in the form of studies that reveal CBD and THC aid cancer patients in dealing with lack of appetite, pain management and nausea. Early research even suggests that these cannabinoids can also slow growth or knock out certain types of cancer cells.

Enter Fxck Cancer, a young and hungry non-profit fighter from Southern California. They’re on a mission to beat down The Big C.

Prevent. Detect. Unite. That’s their strategy. That’s how the tables are turned.


Beating cancer is only possible when we come together and fight. Get involved in the Crafted + Fuck Cancer initiative and show your support for those among us who are battling the hardest.


We at CRAFTED GLOBAL proudly stand in Fxck Cancer’s corner…ready for battle. TOGETHER we’re offering low to no cost medication to those against the ropes and losing hope in their struggle against cancer. They’re fighting for their lives. We’re fighting for them.

CRAFTED GLOBAL and Fxck Cancer vs. Cancer.

Place your bets. Odds are now in our favor.

If you want more information about our foundation, contact us at,

Additionally, if you or someone you know could benefit from our Dyin 2 Live program, submit your story and the reasons why a Dyin 2 Live Dream would make a difference in your life to,

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