Paul Pierce used to play poker at my good friend’s house once a week when he used to play for the Celtics in Boston. One night, Paul had to take a piss and went out to the yard to relieve himself.

Paul forgot that my friend had a Rottweiler that would hang out in the yard that didn’t like strangers.

When my friend ran outside to the yard he heard screaming and saw Paul cowering in the corner like a girl.

He is a NBA champion.

And was cowering in the corner.

Just wanted to share that with you.

In the news, Paul has announced that he has started a high-end vape pen company called Vesper.

You see, Paul played basketball for many years and his body took a beating.

He chooses to take CBD for his pain and anxiety, so why not start a company to make vape pens? Seems logical.

It’s a pretty snazzy vape pen if you like flashy things.

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