Ice Cream is one of the greatest things ever created. People of all ages love it. So many flavors and topping choices. For a stoner ice cream is necessary to life.

Cancer is one of the worst things ever created. People of all ages hate it. So many ways to kill us. For a human it is the end of life.

Or at least it was the end of life. Things change, and smart people have done wonderful things with medicine so people don’t have to die and many times can live a long life.

One medicine not given any props until very recently has been cannabis. CBD is doing amazing things to help with pain and eating and sleeping and even end of life care. There is even early suggestions that cannabis can kill some forms of cancer.


An Oncology nurse dealing with cancer patients all day meets an ice cream maker and they decide to start a CBD ice cream creamery.

Pretty cool.

From the article: Not only does the ice cream taste fantastic and simulate taste buds to give patients the benefits of CBD oil, but it’s also high in protein and fat to help patients keep weight on and heal faster.

The ice creams come in seven different flavors: French vanilla, creamy cocoa, mango, mint chocolate chip, lemon blueberry, strawberry swirl and salted caramel. The all-natural gourmet ice cream infused with CBD oil-derived from hemp. They are sold in single serving five-ounce containers with the option of 20mg, 40mg or 60mg of CBD.


I want some mint chocolate chip right about now.

Read the full article HERE

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