There’s a classic line from The Simpsons where Helen Lovejoy asks “won’t somebody please think of the children?”

Yes, children. They are the ones who will one day run this planet. They are the future.

They’re also getting fucked up by vaccines and poison in our food. And then they get prescribed awful medication that fucks them up even more.

Won’t somebody please think of the children???

One photographer took a special interest in a child: her niece, who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome which is a type of epilepsy.

Her niece began taking CBD to manage her seizures.

Nichole Montanez, the photographer, took her experience with her niece and began a project where she took photos of other children with seizure disorders that might get help with CBD.

It’s been 5 years since she started the project, and she has over 300 black and white photos of children and adults. Sadly some of the children have since died, but the CBD helped them be comfortable in their last days.

Says Nicole on the project: “I wanted people to see this as the new face of cannabis, and that this is a treatment that has worked for so many children to lessen the severity of their seizures. Some children who use it are now seizure-free.”

Check out some of the photos and read the article Here

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