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Did we say how much we love this?

Crafted believes that CBD can greatly improve the life of a pet dog or cat that experiences seizures, pain and anxiety.

So much so that we sent a bunch to Cane Corso Rescue in Texas where a few of the dogs are taking it daily and are seeing huge improvements in health and personality. One of the dogs is doing so well that the rescue is planning on using CBD with all the dogs that come in to the rescue that need it.

Others are following suit, too. You see, rescues are broke. All their money goes to helping the dogs. A huge vet bill or a bunch of meds can mean another dog that needs help can’t get it.

So having CBD on hand to give to a scared dog or one having seizures can save thousands of dollars. Have you ever seen a terrified dog try and escape a metal crate? Or attack another out of fear? It can cost thousands.

But CBD can curb those actions.

Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, CA has been using CBD on about a dozen dogs when Naaji came to them. As MM founder Zach Snow said to KBAK:

“Naaji came to us from Saudi Arabia. He is a paralyzed street dog. Essentially just a dog that was hit by a car that some good Samaritans in Saudi Arabia decided to rescue.”

When Naaji first arrived in Tehachapi, Skow said his injuries were so bad that he couldn’t even stand up.

Then Skow and his team decided to try treating Naaji with cannibidiol (CBD) oil, something that they’d used on dozens of other dogs in their rescue.

“CBD oil is effective for arthritis; it’s effective for trauma; it’s effective for anxiety,” Skow said.

And for Naaji, the results were incredible.

“What’s happened since then is a real physical kind of renaissance for him, where he’s started to have some minimal functionality in his back legs,” Skow said.

Read the full story here, and try CBD for you pet!

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