Some of us are spoiled.

After a tough day at work, we can crawl home and shed our clothes and lay on the sofa nursing a bong or vape pen until we pass out.

And then wake up in the morning, wipe the drool from our face and hit the vape again.


Because we don’t have kids and/or a nagging anti-weed spouse.

Wow that would suck.

Just cringing thinking about it, really. Sorry to all of those reading this who have kids and are miserable. I suggest buy some Crafted vapes and things will get better.

So obviously the idea of going on a vacation specifically for weed enthusiasts is somewhat of a joke. Everything we do includes weed. We don’t have to hide it from the kids or grandma.

We don’t have to go away to get high.

But some people do.

I recently came across the cool article about new Bud and Breakfasts popping up in states where smoking is legal. And for those who need to go away to get high, some of these seem really cool and worth the trip.

If I wasn’t so spoiled I’d go to one.

Read the article from The Fresh Toast HERE

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