When I was in high school in Massachusetts we used to take these non school sanctioned trips up to Montreal to “ski.”

By “ski” I mean spend all night in the strip clubs drinking (the legal age is 18 and they didn’t check Ids) and then attempt to go skiing in the morning with a god-awful headache.

Plus its like negative 20 degrees outside and there is a shit ton of snow and the ski mountains are no joke. The fact that none of us ever died during those trips is amazing.

But during all those trips up North I could never stop thinking about how nice everyone in Canada is. Maybe it’s the clean air and hockey and wolves and isolation that makes everyone so damn friendly. I’d actually rather not know.

The point to this story is that Canadians are crazy nice. Possibly a little slow, but they’ll help you out no matter what the situation is.

Americans not so much.

With nice people comes less crime. So when I read just now about a legal cannabis grow operation that was robbed by a bunch of masked men in Ontario I thought, “wow, and just days after weed became legal there!”

Uncool that they’ll probably blame this on marijuana even though it has nothing to do with marijuana.

Okay, maybe it has everything to do with marijuana but still let’s say that it doesn’t.

Read about the heist Here

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