America is getting tired of being told what to do and think.

For way too long we’ve sat back and let the government tell us that marijuana is evil and is the start to a life of drug addiction and crime and raping animals.

Little did we know that the reason wasn’t because marijuana is bad but because it is good.

Good for our health and well-being.

Good for our souls.

Good for our happiness.

Good for our pets.

Here is a few paragraphs from an article in Forbes that talks about America being pro-pot:

The new survey released on Monday shows that U.S. adults back ending cannabis prohibition by a supermajority margin of 66 percent to 32 percent. That’s more than a two-to-one ratio.

It is the third year in a row that the firm, which has been polling about marijuana for 49 years, has found a record-breaking increase in support.

When Gallup first polled Americans on legal marijuana in 1969, just 12 percent said they were in favor. As recently as 2005, barely a third of Americans were on board.

Last year, the survey pegged legalization’s favorability at 64 percent. In addition to the two-point bump in support since then, opposition also decreased two percentage points from 2017’s level of 34 percent.


This is amazing news. Americans are standing up and saying no more to prohibition.

Read the full article Here

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