Crafted is on a mission to change the perception of cannabis.

We are artists, dreamers, makers, and enthusiasts. We are doers and believers. Our mission: to uplift the cannabis industry and change the world for the better. Crafted was conceived on the principle that high-quality cannabis should be readily accessible to those who need it while adhering to the highest standards for business practices, environmental processes, and charity involvement. Our pride comes from how we care not only for our customers, employees, and partners but also for your safety with our assurance that every product we create is tested for both purity and potency. We constantly strive to be a true benefit to our community; with our Crafted Cares program, we actively participate in charity events and help those in need. Our deep care for the tradition of cannabis and conception of our quality products shows through in every aspect of how we operate. We invite you to connect with us, and connect with the world around you. Together we’ll make a better you.


Want to be a Crafted Extracts Influencer? Crafted Extracts relies on cannabis enthusiasts from all backgrounds to test new product, provide feedback and serve as ambassadors for the brand. As a Crafted Extracts Crew member, you would receive Crafted product on a regular basis for promotion on social media platforms in exchange for your product feedback and social media tags/mentions.


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